membership application

We warmly welcome coworking spaces in Belgium to join Be Coworking. We work together as peers to promote coworking in Belgium, to guide our industry towards maturity. Our goal is to unite coworking spaces in Belgium to collaborate and promote coworking on a national scale.

Be Coworking member spaces share the same values and vision. The role of the association is to saveguard these values and vision.  Therefore all applications are subject to a review process. All of us are working on a purely voluntary basis, so please take into account that this process may take some time. 
Feel free to contact the co-president for your region if you'd like to speak about your application.

As a Be Coworking member, you:

  • call yourself a coworking space.

  • have a fully dedicated space for coworking.

  • have an active community of members, not just clients.

  • have a facilitator dedicated to connect the members and build trust among them, engaging in activities to build the coworking community.

  • treat coworkers as 1st class clients.

  • promote and encourage collaboration, interaction and serendipity.

  • offer one or many kinds of membership (full or part time).

  • don't discriminate: open decision-making: transparent rules on who can be a member and how to participate; no implicit or hidden rules for including or excluding members.

membership fee

The membership fees of our coworking spaces are donations on the Be Coworking Open Collective. The membership fees allowing full membership are as follows:

  • New spaces: 100 € per year for spaces in the first 3 years of existence

  • Established spaces: 150 € per year for coworking spaces older than 3 years

  • Small spaces: 100 € per year for spaces of less than 300 m²

  • We invite successful spaces to donate more: your helping hand will give the measures to grow the association, to lead our sector into maturity.

Your membership fee are donated using the Open Collective platform with a credit card transaction.
All Be Coworking donations and cost statements are being published on the platform, in full transparency to all community members.
The Open Collective charges 8% of the donated fees to cover their maintenance of the platform

membership application form

Please take your time to fill in the complete form.  It will take about 15 minutes of your time.
All information is important for further evaluation of your application.

In case you joined a coworking network (e.g. CoWallonia, Bar d'Office, ...)
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When did you open ?
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E.g. one or multiple membership formulas, subscription based, short/long term rent, loyalty cards, ...
pure coworking space = flexible workspace, freely accessible for your members
private offices = exclusive office space for a customer