What is coworking ?

Coworking consists in sharing a suitable workspace (rooms and connectivity) that offers specific business-boosting activities to enable its users (entrepreneurs, freelancers and teleworkers) to develop their activity and creativity further. Coworking is winning over more and more users around the world.

Although each user goes to the space to work on their own project, coworking encourages quite naturally interactions amongst the professionals on the premises and the birth of new collaborative undertakings.

Coworking spaces in three key points:

  1. A user-friendly workspace that is conducive to creativity
  2. A network of people with diverse skills
  3. A place for exchange and collaboration

Why opt for coworking ?


Networking contributes directly to the open innovation process, which is based on sharing and co-operating with third parties. That is another reason for considering coworking spaces to be perfect for collaborative, creative development work.

A series of actions/events organised throughout the year will allow to acquire new skills and embrace the digital transformation of economy.


It fosters networking amongst the space’s members – the sharing of experiences and information, exchanging of ideas, and enrichment of one’s business network – that leads to the development of new projects.

It creates dynamics of mutual assistance and motivation amongst the members of the coworking space and dispels the isolation that stems from working at home.


It gives starters a launching pad (flex office, meeting rooms, professional printing and conference equipments, etc.) to launch their business.

It has various economic and practical advantages over traditional office rentals.

What is Be Coworking?

“United we stand”. The moto of Belgium is also those of our association. This collective initiative unites 25 coworking spaces from the 3 regions of the country around the objective of spread the word about coworking and bring happiness to a lot of lonely freelancers, entrepreneurs, and teleworkers...

Be Coworking in a nutshell: 25 coworking spaces in 3 regions, around 1300 coworkers and 14000 square meters.

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Qu'est-ce que Be Coworking?

“L’Union fait la force”. Telle est la devise de la Belgique et reprise par notre association. L'initiative commune des espaces de coworking des trois régions de notre pays a pour objectif de mieux faire connaître ce nouveau mode de travail aux indépendants, freelancers, travailleurs nomades et start-ups.

Be Coworking regroupe 25 espaces qui offrent un véritable environnement propice à leur développement proche de chez eux.

En quelques chiffres, Coworking Belgium, ces sont 1.300 coworkers qui se partagent 14.000m² dans 25 espaces (8 à Bruxelles, 8 en Flandre et 9 en Wallonie).

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Wat is Be Coworking?

“Eendracht maakt macht”. Het motto van België is ook dat van onzebijeenkomst.  Dit collectief initiatief verenigt 25 coworking plaatsen uit de 3 landsdelen. Het gezamenlijk doel? Het woord verspreiden rond coworking bij eenzame freelancers, ondernemers en telewerkers…

Be Coworking in een notedop: 25 coworking plaatsen in de 3 landsdelen, meer dan 1300 coworkers en 14000 vierkante meter coworkingruimte.

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